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Who are you?

I’m Melissa; perpetual kid, tinkerer,  admirer of unique objects and open-minded people.

If I had three wishes, my first would be to live in Japan.  Second; to live in a self-cleaning house, and third; my own time machine.

When I am not working or crafting, I am most likely watching trash TV.

What does Super*Junk mean?

I was poking around looking for pictures of vintage toys when I came upon an ad for a Japanese flea market called the “Super Junk Show.”   I was in love with the tables piled high with Fire King, rubber-faced plushes, kitchen knick-knacks and furniture. Hypnotized by the blinking sign, the name burned itself in my head and It became the name of my Flickr account a few years back. As I got more and more into thrifting and antiquing, the name “Super Junk” just felt appropriate.  I am most drawn to cast-off “junk,” that with a little love and attention can become the superstar of a collection.