A long overdue update – Paulkaiju x super-junk collaboration

So I have neglected to mention an exciting collaboration between myself and Paulkaiju – a “secret” project that will be debuting at DesignerCon in Pasadena next weekend.
Paul has designed and sculpted this girl, and I designed and handmade the clothes for a limited collection of one-offs. I’ll be posting more photos and details soon (I have to photograph them first!).

Sends me there...
If you’re in So cal, come check them out! DesignerCon is always a great event, it’s like SDCC toy alley on steroids.

More photos in PK’s Flickr for now…

Happy 10th Birthday, Blythe!

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In honor of Blythe’s 10th birthday (they grow up so fast!) A special event is being held in Junie Moon Daikanyama – Blythe Summit! Handmade custom Blythe dolls and outfits will be available in the store from May 31-June 19.  Team Sibley was happy to participate – we customized a Nostalgic Pop, Maraballe Melody, and Little Lily Brown Middie. Christina made 10x of 3 different Jam Fancy outfit sets.

I was extra-excited to get my hands on Middie – I was intrigued by the few photos I’d seen popping up on Flickr, and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. I’m happy to say that after working with her and learning how to fine-tune her unique glance, that I became hooked and miss her very much!  It will be wonderful when eyechips and custom parts are available for Middies, they are really fun little ladies.

Head on over to to see all three girls.

Check out Junie Moon’s news page for more photos of the goods and some amazing custom Blythes and Middies!

New Kit Colors and fabric shopping glee

Had fun fabric shopping today at Rosie’s Quilt Shop, my favorite place in San Diego  for tiny cotton prints. I was making huge piles of fabric and running around matching up pairs of prints for new kit colors. Here are some of the new combos (I already had the “abba zabba” fabrics, and there will be a  few more that I will put out soon).

I also picked up some cute flannel prints for making felfs this spring for the shop. Fuzzy mushrooms!



Raffle Results!

The raffle has been drawn and the winner has been notified. If for some reason they change  their mind, I will uncover the next number that was drawn (I pulled one complete sequence of all tickets just in case).

Doll & toy peeps for Japan

I’m blown away by the efforts of so many artists in the doll and toy community to do good. Check out these talented folks doing what they do best to support the devastation happening in Japan:

Check ’em out and pass them on!  and for those that simply want to donate, head over to the Japanese Red Cross.

I’ve had this overwhelming sense of disarray and helplessness in the past few days (and It’s so crummy to phrase it like that when there’s no way I could fathom what it is like to be in Japan right now.  Just watching and hearing about the composure of people in Japan right now is truly inspiring). Everyone’s got a different reaction to the tragedy and different ways of coping and going on with daily life. Do what you can – buy something, bid on something, or just get to it and donate what you can.

They’re coming…


Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns by Paulkaiju + Super-junk

Trick or Treat! With only a week left until Halloween, It’s almost time to start carving up some jack-o-lanterns. Paul and I will be designing new patterns for our pumpkins this year, but are happy to share our patterns from Halloweens past. The Octopus and Evil Circus Elephant were drawn by hand by Paul and turned into printable patterns by me. Check ’em out and pass them on!

free pumpkin carving patterns

Download free pumpkin carving patterns by Paulkaiju and Super-junk (zipped pdf)

Here’s a how-to on the best pumpkin carving technique. Enjoy!

Why I’ve been neglecting this blog and my toy projects

The last 3 months (wow, has it been that long?) for me have been pretty consumed with work and moving to a new house.  The house is finally feeling like “ours” and so I was itching to take some pics and talk about how 2010 has been going.

front room

Lots of words and pics  await you after this cut!  here is the abbreviated version for the tl;dr crowd:

  • we moved
  • some stuff sucked really bad
    • old wood is delicious to termites
  • but mostly everything is good
    • old wood is really pretty and smells like nice old people

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See You in Tokyo!

he just realized he gets to go to tokyo

I’m just now putting the finishing touches on a small batch of handmade dolls that I’ll be taking along with us on our trip to Tokyo (thursday!). I’m running around like a headless chicken making sure everything is taken care of so that we’ll have a stress-free trip.

Our first stop in Japan is Design Festa. Paul’s been cranking out lots of great work to exhibit and sell. I’m looking forward to soaking up some creativity (and shopping!) but I will be offering a few tiny handmade babies and pose dolls at the booth.

I’m especially looking forward to going back to Tokyo for the second time. The first time we went I was crazy with anticipation, having no idea the wonders we would see. This time I’m taking comfort in the familiarity of my favorite place on earth – like going home after a long, stressful day.  No doubt there will be wonderful new things to see (and eat!), new friends to make, and new little alleyways to get lost in, but we have our list of things we cannot wait to do again.

so sleepy prints pocket poseys

Japanese Kit Kat and snack stash – Just what’s in that bin?

After a tweet exchange about the many flavors of Kit Kat tonight, It got me wondering just how many flavors I have collected over time ( I save at least one of each which I hide away from candy-cravings).

It’s time to break open the sealed container marked, “JAPANESE SNACKS”…

what's in that bin Just in case they ever close Mitsuwa

only 14 varieties?! i'm slackin on my kit kat collection

I was surprised to find that I have only found 14 unique varieties!  I need to get to the markets more often! My Kit kat scavenging rule is simple: I must find each flavor organically, meaning no eBaying or asking people to send them to me. This “hobby”‘s all about the joy of the hunt.