Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns by Paulkaiju x super*junk 2011 edition

Once again, it’s pumpkin-carving time! Every year, Paul draws up some characters for me to turn into Jack o’Lantern patterns. This year, we’re offering up  Boss Carrion and Biter Man for your pumpkin carving pleasure.

You can download them for free, print them out, and carve your own PK pumpkins.

Here’s a how-to on our favorite pumpkin carving technique. Enjoy!

Here they were in last year’s decorations:

Christmas Craft – Japanese Washi tape bow

japanese tape bow

Japanese paper tape has been a popular crafting supply in the past couple of years. I bought a bunch in Japan and never really know what to do with it since I don’t do much paper crafting, but when I do find a way to work with it I fall in love with how versatile it is!  It’s got a great smooth translucent finish to it and is easy to reposition without damaging other surfaces.

After flipping through one of Martha’s christmas magazines, I was inspired to make some Washi Tape gift tags, and decided to try to make matching bows since plain drugstore bows are pretty boring on their own.

It’s actually quite easy and elevates the look of the cheapie bow with the nice texture of the Japanese tape, plus it’s easy to coordinate with gift tags and cards. I found it looks best on a light or white bow.

  1. Take apart bow with needle nose pliers. Throw away the staple
  2. apply tape to the pretty-side of the bow. try not to stretch the tape or pull tightly, it will cause the ribbon to warp
  3. thread a sharp needle with embroidery or craft floss. using the staple-holes as a guide, re-build the bow starting with the sticky paper tab. This part is easy because the bow will have some “memory”.
  4. when the last loop is threaded, send the needle back down through the bow (wiggle it around and use a thimble, it will be hard to get through all the tape at once.  Tie in a knot and cut off the ends.
  5. voila!

Christmas Craft – Mini Aluminum Tinsel Tree

wee tree

I just posted a how-to illustration for making mini tinsel trees over on puchicollective