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Another spring cleaning week!

Thanks for checking out my listings!

Spring Cleaning Week Two!

Just finished listing a bunch of new goodies, including Nara, my custom V-smash!


Thank you guys so, so much for the bids last week. I am a weirdo and have gone through every emotion possible while going through everything,  packing, weighing, photographing. What a process!  Talking to other collectors and seeing space on my shelves for new wonderful things is giving me a lot of motivation, though! <3

Super*Junk Spring Cleaning… I can do this!

If you know me, you know how attached I get to my stuff, so this has been an interesting process sifting through 10+ years of doll collecting to decide what I can part with without going totally nuts. My plan is to list a few things each week, in the hopes of thinning out my collection so it is more manageable (I’m not quitting the hobby, merely focusing so I can enjoy it more!).


For the first week of the Spring Cleaning Sale, I’ve pulled out some Recent Super*Junk pieces that for some reason never made it into my shop, Some sadly unloved dollies that need new homes, Official Blythe stuff, Vintage Mattel clothes, and even some “wayback” sewing of mine from the early 2000’s that were fun to reminisce about.

Lots of stuff starts at $.99!  Thanks for checking out my auctions <3


International Buyers:

eBay’s International shipping options leave a lot to be desired.  I realize that priority mail prices are insane, but it was the default setting and I didn’t catch it until after most listings had bids. If you are not in the US, please contact me for pricing options and an estimate. I charge actual shipping cost + $1.50 for packaging supplies. Sorry for the confusion!


A long overdue update – Paulkaiju x super-junk collaboration

So I have neglected to mention an exciting collaboration between myself and Paulkaiju – a “secret” project that will be debuting at DesignerCon in Pasadena next weekend.
Paul has designed and sculpted this girl, and I designed and handmade the clothes for a limited collection of one-offs. I’ll be posting more photos and details soon (I have to photograph them first!).

Sends me there...
If you’re in So cal, come check them out! DesignerCon is always a great event, it’s like SDCC toy alley on steroids.

More photos in PK’s Flickr for now…

Schoolhouse set headed for eBay

here’s a peek at the pieces I am working on for a set that will be up on eBay this week. Just putting the finishing touches on the accessories…

Schoolhouse dresses in the shop this Thursday

I’m finally finished with a batch of dresses – they’ll be in the shop Thursday, October 6 at 9:00 am PST

Schoolhouse Dresses

As labor day weekend turned into a rain-out, It hit hard that summer was over, gone just as fast as it showed up. It made me think back to when we were little and the three months away from school felt like ages, by the end of it you were nervous but excited to get back to school, see your friends, see who had changed, start a clean page in a new chapter.

With the tapping of the rain as background music, I made a group of 4 dresses that would be perfect little back-to-school outfits- cute but sensible. I want to spend a little bit of time making matching socks and bloomers, but these will be in the shop in about a week or so.

Next batch of dresses – Wednesday!

My latest batch of Blythe dresses are inspired by vintage little girl’s dresses. I’ll be posting them in the shop Wednesday, August 24th at 2:00pm PST (I’ll try to finish a few more by then, too!)

Cupcake Pop Dress Preview

I’ll be listing a mini collection of 6 frilly, fruity party dresses here this weekend. I’ve filled in all their details in my shop and marked them all coming soon for now. Visit back on Saturday at noon PST to purchase them from the shop!


Pose doll kit preorder is open!

in 3 new color combos, plus bubble up is back!