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Handmade pose doll for Japan – Tiny Harumi

Harumi is a tiny 1/6 scale pose doll – she’s available on eBay. 100% of her proceeds will go to the efforts in Japan via Global Giving.

I spent the larger part of the weekend working on her and thinking about all the wonderful friends and memories I have made in Japan, and how much this world owes to the brave people who are risking themselves to save all of us.  Her colors are inspired by the springtime, rejuvenation, rebirth, and courage.

Lottery – Olive


Olive will be available by 48-hour (2-day) FREE Lottery from Tuesday, March 22 2011 at 12:00 noon PST. Visit to enter. One name will be randomly chosen and the winner will have the opportunity to purchase Olive for $200 + shipping.


Thank You!

Ginger has gone to a new home, but there will be another doll listed soon!

Pose Doll Questions, Answered!

Hi All!  I’ve gotten several emails since my last post so to answer some questions:

When will these dolls be for sale?

The first listing will be posted on on Saturday, March 19, at 10:00am PST.  Ginger will be the first listing. If that method works out, then the rest of the girls will be listed in a similar fashion (dates and times will be announced prior to the sales)

How much will they cost?

$200 & exact shipping

Can I reserve a doll now?

Sorry, but to be fair, no dolls are available for pre-sale. Cherry was made for a friend, so she is not available. I photographed her with her sisters since I made them all over the same period of time and love the way they look together. It didn’t feel right not to include her with the group.

Will you make more of these?

If these girls all find happy homes, I will definitely make more!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten so, so much!  Making my own pose dolls has been something I have been working on for a few years now, and I finally feel like I have come up with a technique that produces results that I am happy to send out into the world. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge and got to work with some wonderful new materials, learning a lot along the way.   I made each one with my own high demands in mind – I wanted a doll that photographed well from many angles, could be posed repeatedly for photos, and could be easily styled and accessorized for lasting enjoyment. These girls don’t like to just sit on a shelf – they almost beg to be posed and interacted with!

Handmade Pose Girl info

In one week, I’ll be offering four of these handmade pose dolls for sale (one has already found a home). I wanted to provide information in advance so everyone gets a chance to know them before thinking about buying.

Package includes:

  • Soft doll – fully pose-able and stands unassisted.
  • handmade mini-dress
  • removable belt with working buckle
  • fishnet tights
  • red faux-leather shoes with removable strap
  • travel pouch

Doll measurements:

  • height: 15 inches
  • shoe size: 45mm
  • head circumference: 10-11″
  • dress size: 1/6 scale dresses, skirts and tops (due to shoe size, she can not wear pants) . She can share clothes with Blythe, Licca, WTG, Azone, Skipper, etc.


  • Body: Cotton ‘skin’ with polyester and wire filling
  • Head: Polyester  fabric, resin and foam. Hand-painted faces so no two will ever be alike.
  • Hair: either permanent Angora Mohair or Acrylic removable wig (varies by doll)

This is an edition of 5 handmade dolls. I will not reproduce the same doll twice.

Not intended for children under 13!

Apologies, friends!

I’m so sorry, we had a plumbing emergency today and I completely lost track of time and didn’t get the babies in my shop on time. I knew I should have set an alarm!

I’ll post The two bunka babies tomorrow (Sunday, March 14) at noon PST.

To punish myself I will work on a new batch right away!

Bunka babies for sale

bunka babies

Two Bunka babies will be posted for sale in my Etsy – Saturday, March 13 at noon PST!

Mini Pose dolls will be posted for sale 11/11 11:00!

Visit on November 11, 2009 at 11:00 am PST to purchase these girls.

Peggy Jennifer

Trudy2 Jane Carla
Sally, Peggy, Jennifer, Trudy, Jane and Carla are all looking for nice homes!
Be here 11/11 at 11:00 to make them yours.

Just a test

guitar-girlI’m getting ready to post a limited batch of new mini pose dolls,  and just wanted to test out the new “subscribe” feature I added tonight. If you subscribe via email (the little form is in the left column, under Posey’s head) you can get shop updates delivered to your email (I promise not to spam!).

(photo by Linda, cute little guitar from Variation!)

Second chance: Mini Pose Doll – “Midge” – relisted on eBay


Hi guys,

There was a little mix up with a buyer on etsy, so I’m going to try an eBay experiment!  Midge, the brunette pose doll in cute tartan plaid – is up on eBay in a 3-day listing.  I’m starting her at my original price of $39.