YES! cake sandwich is why I’m fat!

My pink sandwich cake was reposted by one of my favorite funny blogs: thisiswhyyourefat


awww yeah. That post just reminded me that  I need to make this again. It was delicious! (and expensive… I think I spent about 50 bucks on all the fancy fillings!  And it isn’t strawberry cream cheese, it’s just pink.)

A little background info, for those of you who weren’t around when I made this two years ago:

The Sandwich cake was lovingly made for our friend’s annual Tacky Party, a celebration of party-hosting gone wrong. Other dishes at the party included “Secret Treasure Loaf,” “Wiener Crown,” Easy-cheese and Crackers,” “Red hot Jello Salad,” and lots and lots of velveeta and spam.

Basically, anything that would be a candidate for the Gallery of Regrettable Food.

I’m getting lots of good ideas for the next party… how about wieners standing around in beans? Anyone for a turbaconucken?

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  1. I saw that and thought it looked familiar, but I didn’t recognize the knife and the thing in the background, so I assumed it was someone else’s pink cake sandwich.

    Congratulations on making people fat 🙂

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