A long overdue update – Paulkaiju x super-junk collaboration

So I have neglected to mention an exciting collaboration between myself and Paulkaiju – a “secret” project that will be debuting at DesignerCon in Pasadena next weekend.
Paul has designed and sculpted this girl, and I designed and handmade the clothes for a limited collection of one-offs. I’ll be posting more photos and details soon (I have to photograph them first!).

Sends me there...
If you’re in So cal, come check them out! DesignerCon is always a great event, it’s like SDCC toy alley on steroids.

More photos in PK’s Flickr for now…


  1. AWWWWEEESOOOOMMMME!! How big are they? I see my favourite plaid in there so I guess that gives an idea of scale but… oh wait, are those Barbie MJs too? Cool!! Did he sculpt the bodies?

  2. melissa

    October 31, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Thank you! They are about 7.5″ tall, Paul sculpted, molded and cast everything! These ladies are more “figure” than doll, since they are all resin with limbs that friction-fit with pegs. They’re wearing barbie MJ clones (very close to licca-sized feet).

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  4. – this entry reminds me of how you shdedured after looking at every pic we took in china haha.well all of them except for the short photo session we had in hangzhou with the engagement session in the bg

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