A productive weekend

I’m very proud of myself. I finally got bitten by the spring cleaning bug and cleaned up just about every nook and cranny of the house (and there are lots of them!). When I was sick (for two months!), I just let the dust bunnies multiply and the fridge got gross. I will spare you the details, but as someone who is usually a total neatnik, I’d been very down about my space.

One big problem I was having was that I was making dolls at my tiny kitchen table. It’s about 5 feet round, and visible from the main room of my little condo. Just a constant mountain of fabric scraps, doll heads, and thread monsters, making it impossible for the room to feel tidy and forcing us to eat dinner on our laps. Something had to be done.

I re-arranged the spare bedroom (the furniture placement was horrible and I didn’t like even going into that room) and now I love my craft space.The room actually feels bigger, even though the desk is now square in the middle of the room and I moved all my craft supplies in there. It just feels like it’s inviting me to come in and get right to work.

Saturday - body building

Makin' Bodies

The first order of duty was to put it to use! Paul and I worked all weekend in that room, and we managed to finish two-and-a-half big pose dollies.

These dolls use the pattern from dolly dolly 16, with slightly different materials after I made a prototype that needed a bit of improvement. I LOVE this body pattern. I’ve adjusted mine a bit to give her longer legs and slimmer hands – the original pattern has large hands that make it hard to dress her in sleeves with small cuffs. Oh, and did I mention that they fit Blythe clothes? Instant wardrobe! They have difficult-to-fit feet, so socks and tights have to be super-stretchy.  I need to buy a case of Volks fishnet tights!

Leggy Blonde

Here’s my second girl.  Her face was a little  inspired by one of the sweetest little pose dolls I have ever seen, Eve. While I was painting her, I just kept thinking of what it would be like to be a fly on the wall while someone painted a vintage doll – I bet they did it in about 5 brush strokes! This face took me about 3 hours, including letting the paint dry between coats and practicing first on a styrofoam-ball-head. I like her a lot, but need more practice so that I don’t have to stress about shaking my hand and screwing up the eyelashes.

Pauls dollie is a wicked little pixie

Paul's dollie is a wicked little pixie

Paul made one too. He did a great job, despite my constant interruptions to give him instructions (It’s the “teacher” and bossy big sis in me). She’s got sparkly green eyes, just like daddy. While I was agonizing over getting skinny yarn to lie flat on my pink-haired girl, he decided to give her big fluffy black curls, which worked out wonderfully and went on so fast! I decided to make my second one a mohair girl, which I think may have been even faster. I wanted her to look like a fuzzy baby chick.

They are kind of a hybrid between Pose dolls and plush dolls. their limbs are wired so they pose really well, but their bodies are all cloth and fiberfill like a plush doll. If you use the pattern as it is, the doll is about 13 inches tall, but my little blonde has a couple of extra inches in her legs, so she’s 15″.  They also can stand on their own if you make their feet really stiff, which is fun for photos.

I think I will keep the two I have made so far for myself, only because they still have some flaws I want to work out, but I would love to make these to sell if there is interest in them. It’s fun to watch them come to life!

Anyway, I know I went off course from the tiny dolls for a bit, but I just had to try this pattern. I’ll be working on another batch of the micro pose dolls in the next few weeks.


  1. so darn cute! 😀 Great job on those dolls! I wish Wai’s interested in making em 😛

  2. Just fantastic! I’m sure there would be an interest in buying them if you made more. I still harbour an itch to make a pose doll, but I never got past making a head and making a body (two separate projects) because I seem to get distracted too easily and never have long stretches of time to really knuckle down. I was trying to work out patterns on my own. Maybe I need to buy Dolly Dolly… Anyway… I’m super awed by your skill.

  3. Totally can relate to the table facing the wall. That is a problem for me too. I have two rooms with excellent work tables but they are uncomfortable. I choose to work in our main, big living room in the center of the room. My table is a huge square coffee table. In time I’ll venture in one of them and do the same thing.

    Love both of your dolls!! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with…

  4. Lol I am the same, we never eat on our dining table because it is covered in my ‘creative’ mess! If you do end up selling any of your amazing larger pose dolls I would definitely be interested. They are just the coolest (as are your tinies) 🙂

  5. i keep coming back to your post because it is such a great work, it encourages me to finish my pose doll too 🙂 do you mind sharing what kind/brand of paint have you used on her face ? the DD book says liquitex but i cannot find the smalll tubes here where i live, only the big jars which i find too expensive for a tittle job like doll´s face. thank you so much , i am big fan of you work 🙂

  6. melissa

    March 23, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Hi andrea, I just used ordinary acrylic craft paint (delta ceramcoat to be exact). I found that laying down a base of solid undiluted white under each eye first helped the details to not bleed. then I could add extender to help the paint flow.

    good luck!

  7. Hi! I love your girls, I want to attempt to make one myself. How did you interpret the instructions about what parts take armiture wire? they show putting it in the body and face but not in the legs or arms, I’m assuming you did or they would be poseable

    Also did you just use light weight cotton, or canvas or something else? Thanks so much.

    BTW my girls and I are really enjoying Tammy.

  8. melissa

    April 3, 2009 at 10:19 am

    Jannese – I just put wire in all the parts. I had been experimenting with my smaller dolls on how to put in the wire. I find that each limb needs its own wire. if any of them share the same wire, it makes one limb move while you are posing another, which can be strange.

    I am just using cotton broadcloth for the body, and a combination of t-shirt knit and chiffon for the face.

  9. I just have to tell you in “sing song” that I LoooLOooove your dolls! Everything about this is perfect. I’ve been searching for a pose doll for a few months and have not found one I must have. I want to start collecting them because they are so sweet and I could never ford to collect blythe dolls 🙁 I hope your little shop will open back up soon!
    Chelsea Ann

  10. My creative space is my dining room table as there is no other place I can be. It is a pain having to tidy up before we can eat, I hate putting away before I have finished! And I love, love those dolls, they are fab!

  11. You are amazing. I wish I could spend a weekend watching what you do. You have inspired me to the moon and back. Goodness gosh! I have blogged you, by the way! Amazing woman. I wish we can be friends! Love Mel

  12. Where did you learn to make your pose dolls. I would really like to try to make one

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