Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I’m really looking forward to the warm weather we’ve been promised, and some time to craft!

The little clip above is of some recent eBay purchases. My Japanese nodder collection is getting nice and diverse! I’m up to 8 with the addition of these two little pups and the elf girl. I’ve gotta cool off the eBay ing and focus on making things to sell!

(could this post use a few more exclamation points? Clearly I am just excited that my work week is DONE.)


  1. My collection includs a few bobbleheads – so without trying I guess I have sort of a collection too. However, your trio here is making me itch for more. Then they can have their own shelf. 🙂

  2. Aber, mehr ist eigentlich nie passiert. – Ja, einmal hat mir mal jemand an den Hintern gepackt, das war aber auch wirklich alles gewesen. Na ja, bis letzte Woche halt…

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