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Handmade Pose Girl info

In one week, I’ll be offering four of these handmade pose dolls for sale (one has already found a home). I wanted to provide information in advance so everyone gets a chance to know them before thinking about buying.

Package includes:

  • Soft doll – fully pose-able and stands unassisted.
  • handmade mini-dress
  • removable belt with working buckle
  • fishnet tights
  • red faux-leather shoes with removable strap
  • travel pouch

Doll measurements:

  • height: 15 inches
  • shoe size: 45mm
  • head circumference: 10-11″
  • dress size: 1/6 scale dresses, skirts and tops (due to shoe size, she can not wear pants) . She can share clothes with Blythe, Licca, WTG, Azone, Skipper, etc.


  • Body: Cotton ‘skin’ with polyester and wire filling
  • Head: Polyester  fabric, resin and foam. Hand-painted faces so no two will ever be alike.
  • Hair: either permanent Angora Mohair or Acrylic removable wig (varies by doll)

This is an edition of 5 handmade dolls. I will not reproduce the same doll twice.

Not intended for children under 13!

They’re coming…


Christmas Craft – Japanese Washi tape bow

japanese tape bow

Japanese paper tape has been a popular crafting supply in the past couple of years. I bought a bunch in Japan and never really know what to do with it since I don’t do much paper crafting, but when I do find a way to work with it I fall in love with how versatile it is!  It’s got a great smooth translucent finish to it and is easy to reposition without damaging other surfaces.

After flipping through one of Martha’s christmas magazines, I was inspired to make some Washi Tape gift tags, and decided to try to make matching bows since plain drugstore bows are pretty boring on their own.

It’s actually quite easy and elevates the look of the cheapie bow with the nice texture of the Japanese tape, plus it’s easy to coordinate with gift tags and cards. I found it looks best on a light or white bow.

  1. Take apart bow with needle nose pliers. Throw away the staple
  2. apply tape to the pretty-side of the bow. try not to stretch the tape or pull tightly, it will cause the ribbon to warp
  3. thread a sharp needle with embroidery or craft floss. using the staple-holes as a guide, re-build the bow starting with the sticky paper tab. This part is easy because the bow will have some “memory”.
  4. when the last loop is threaded, send the needle back down through the bow (wiggle it around and use a thimble, it will be hard to get through all the tape at once.  Tie in a knot and cut off the ends.
  5. voila!

Christmas Craft – Mini Aluminum Tinsel Tree

wee tree

I just posted a how-to illustration for making mini tinsel trees over on puchicollective

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns by Paulkaiju + Super-junk

Trick or Treat! With only a week left until Halloween, It’s almost time to start carving up some jack-o-lanterns. Paul and I will be designing new patterns for our pumpkins this year, but are happy to share our patterns from Halloweens past. The Octopus and Evil Circus Elephant were drawn by hand by Paul and turned into printable patterns by me. Check ’em out and pass them on!

free pumpkin carving patterns

Download free pumpkin carving patterns by Paulkaiju and Super-junk (zipped pdf)

Here’s a how-to on the best pumpkin carving technique. Enjoy!

Happy Easter Weekend!

Hope everyone found lots of eggs!

Happy Non-Denominational Springtime Holiday Weekend everyone!

This is my first bunny cake. Welcome to the world, overweight angora rabbit with Styro-feet™. He’s stuffed with crushed pineapple and more coconut. yum!

Here’s an old photo of my mom and aunt showing off their bunnycakes:

Project – Kitchen Shelves

I confess, I don’t spend much time cooking. I do, however, want it to be functional and nice so my cook doesn’t quit.  Our kitchen is a smallish galley with a little breakfast nook – lots of wall space but only one upper wall cabinet – definitely not taking advantage of the height.

kitchen wall after

kitchen wall before


I knew I wanted to put in open shelving to hold our cookbooks and some of my more colorful pyrex since the room is pretty stark white.

cowboy corbel

I was shopping around for vintage corbels on ebay when I stumbled across these reproduction crossed-gun brackets. I think they’re a nice crossover between my love of kitchen knick-knacks and kitchy cowpokes (a collection I seriously want to expand!). I just sprayed them white. We cut down two pre-milled laminated shelves from Ikea. They’re strong and heat resistant.

kitchen cabinet

The kitchen also has this cute free-standing cabinet that apparently was built later to match the built-in cabinets. I put some of my favorite mini harlequin fabric behind the glass doors.  (yes, some of the same stuff is in this picture as on the new shelves, this pic was taken before the shelves were installed. I wish i had two of those cookie jars, though!)

I am searching now for the perfect fabric for curtains to help with the stark whiteness. I’d also love to paint above the chair rail. Maybe use up the robin’s egg blue I have left over from the last place.

Why I’ve been neglecting this blog and my toy projects

The last 3 months (wow, has it been that long?) for me have been pretty consumed with work and moving to a new house.  The house is finally feeling like “ours” and so I was itching to take some pics and talk about how 2010 has been going.

front room

Lots of words and pics  await you after this cut!  here is the abbreviated version for the tl;dr crowd:

  • we moved
  • some stuff sucked really bad
    • old wood is delicious to termites
  • but mostly everything is good
    • old wood is really pretty and smells like nice old people

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Apologies, friends!

I’m so sorry, we had a plumbing emergency today and I completely lost track of time and didn’t get the babies in my shop on time. I knew I should have set an alarm!

I’ll post The two bunka babies tomorrow (Sunday, March 14) at noon PST.

To punish myself I will work on a new batch right away!

Bunka babies for sale

bunka babies

Two Bunka babies will be posted for sale in my Etsy – Saturday, March 13 at noon PST!