Next batch of dresses – Wednesday!

My latest batch of Blythe dresses are inspired by vintage little girl’s dresses. I’ll be posting them in the shop Wednesday, August 24th at 2:00pm PST (I’ll try to finish a few more by then, too!)

3 Responses to “Next batch of dresses – Wednesday!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    How do you make them so cute?

  2. melissa Says:

    everything looks cute on Blythe!

  3. Uyek Says:

    My coworker came by at 1:59 PM (PST) and left at 2:06 PM.
    In that time they all sold out! I had to laugh.

    Beautiful batch, these.
    By the way, so glad you used a longer hemline. I get so tired of seeing Blythe in cute dresses that look like she outgrew them.

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