If you know me, you know how attached I get to my stuff, so this has been an interesting process sifting through 10+ years of doll collecting to decide what I can part with without going totally nuts. My plan is to list a few things each week, in the hopes of thinning out my collection so it is more manageable (I’m not quitting the hobby, merely focusing so I can enjoy it more!).


For the first week of the Spring Cleaning Sale, I’ve pulled out some Recent Super*Junk pieces that for some reason never made it into my shop, Some sadly unloved dollies that need new homes, Official Blythe stuff, Vintage Mattel clothes, and even some “wayback” sewing of mine from the early 2000’s that were fun to reminisce about.

Lots of stuff starts at $.99!  Thanks for checking out my auctions <3


International Buyers:

eBay’s International shipping options leave a lot to be desired.  I realize that priority mail prices are insane, but it was the default setting and I didn’t catch it until after most listings had bids. If you are not in the US, please contact me for pricing options and an estimate. I charge actual shipping cost + $1.50 for packaging supplies. Sorry for the confusion!