In pursuit of the perfect bunka baby

One of my very favorite things is my old baby doll found in a cluttered little antique shop in Tokyo. He definitely shows his age, but there is just something about him — the proportions of his face, the nap of his flannel onesie, the dry sound of his broken crier — that is perfect! He’s made from very simple shapes and materials, which I think makes him so magnetic. He follows all the rules of cute: big round head, wide-set eyes, no nose,  pink cheeks, happy expression.  I am fascinated by how simple things can evoke such an emotional attraction.

I was still feeling inspired by the felt prints that spawned the last litter of Bunny kneehuggers, so I whipped up a large-scale version, similar in proportions and construction to my vintage babydoll.  I managed to get  a shot of them all together before the little ones went off to their new homes.  He’s hanging out right now with the vintage one (which makes the old baby look considerably older next to his crisp white trim!), but I can tell he is ready to move on to another toy shelf. I’ll be putting him up just as soon as I can get some nicer photos of him.

I’m getting more and more comfortable selling. It was such a struggle for me in the beginning, I worried about not doing everything just right or screwing up orders.  I think it follows with just about everything that the more you do something, the easier it becomes. It’s been fun, too, having an excuse to buy more fabrics for my hoard and getting my packaging just right. A shipment of 200 little boxes just arrived and I ordered a huge bundle of aqua-blue tissue paper (super-junk blue, natch). I better get to making more things to put in them!

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  1. Melissa – please allow your confidence levels to soar because there are so many people who can attest to how professional you are at literally EVERYTHING you do!

    And aahhh – I THOUGHT you’d made the bunka bunny boy, but didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Your skill & essence is all over him! Bravo you maker of magic, you!

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